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1000T Infrared Die Heating Furnace
  • 1000T Infrared Die Heating Furnace1000T Infrared Die Heating Furnace

1000T Infrared Die Heating Furnace

Having been producing 1000T Infrared Die Heating Furnace for many years, we understand the demands of the aluminum processing industry, which is why Foshan Nanhai Yanming Thermal Energy Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. designs equipment to optimize production flows, enhance efficiency, and reduce operational costs, making us a leader in the field of 1000T Infrared Die Heating Furnace..

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Product Description

Elevate your extrusion process with our state-of-the-art 1000T Infrared Die Heating Furnace. Designed with advanced thermal control systems, it guarantees consistent mold temperatures for flawless extrusion profiles. Compact and easy to integrate into existing lines, it's the perfect solution for operations looking to improve quality and throughput with minimal disruption.

Yanming 1000T Infrared Die Heating Furnace Parameter (Specification)

Furnace Type

Drawer Type

Die Furnace specifications


Furnace body size


Basket size


Die size


Quantity of die placement

10 sets

Energy consumption

0.146 kWh/kg die steel

Heating power


Electrical machinery power


Heating control

Solid-state relay

Yanming 1000T Infrared Die Heating Furnace Feature And Application

Featuring state-of-the-art temperature control, our 1000T Infrared Die Heating Furnace ensures precise heating, critical for producing complex aluminum extrusions with tight tolerances. This precision extends mold life and reduces material waste, enhancing overall production efficiency. Its application ranges from small-scale workshops to large industrial plants, offering scalability and reliability for all users aiming to optimize their extrusion processes.

Yanming 1000T Infrared Die Heating Furnace Details

Designed for versatility, our 1000T Infrared Die Heating Furnace caters to a wide range of extrusion needs, supporting various mold sizes and shapes. It incorporates a user-friendly control system for precise temperature adjustments, ensuring optimal heating conditions for each mold. The quick heating up time significantly reduces cycle times, enhancing productivity. This 1000T Infrared Die Heating Furnace is ideal for manufacturers looking to streamline their extrusion process and increase output without compromising on quality.

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