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Automatic Servo Puller
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Automatic Servo Puller

At Foshan Nanhai Yanming Thermal Energy Equipment Technology Co., Ltd., which manufactures Automatic Servo Puller, we're not just about selling equipment; we're about building partnerships and providing ongoing support to help our clients succeed in the competitive aluminum processing market with Automatic Servo Puller.

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Product Description

Our Automatic Servo Puller revolutionizes aluminum extrusion handling with its servo-driven technology, ensuring precise control and uniform speed. It automatically adjusts to the extrusion speed, providing seamless synchronization with the press. The result of the Automatic Servo Puller is a consistent pull on the aluminum profiles, reducing material waste and enhancing product quality. Ideal for high-volume production, it optimizes operations with minimal manual intervention.

Yanming Automatic Servo Puller Parameter (Specification)

Match the tonnage and direction of the extruder


The traction


Maximum pulling speed


Maximum return speed


Width of clamping opening


Height of clamping opening


Sawing motor power


Traction motor power


Track travel transmission form

Rack and pinion pair drive



Yanming Automatic Servo Puller Feature And Application

Our Automatic Servo Puller, designed for aluminum extrusion lines, boasts precision servo motors for unmatched speed control and pulling accuracy. It's ideal for delicate to robust profiles, offering adaptable force settings to prevent damage. This puller streamlines operations in automotive, construction, and electronics industries, where consistent profile integrity and efficiency are paramount.

Yanming Automatic Servo Puller Details

Our Automatic Servo Puller is equipped with cutting-edge servo motors that deliver precise control over the pulling force, ensuring the integrity of aluminum profiles during the extrusion process. Its customizable speed settings allow for perfect synchronization with any extrusion line, making Automatic Servo Puller an indispensable tool for manufacturers looking to optimize productivity and reduce waste in applications ranging from architectural structures to automotive components.

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