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Main operation precautions of aluminum rod heating furnace.


In fact, the aluminum rod heating furnace is specialized for the production of aluminum profiles, or the manufacture and production of other aluminum products, so the aluminum rod heating rate is more common in the processing machinery of aluminum products.

Main operation precautions of aluminum rod heating furnace

1. First of all, the aluminum rod heating: the rate of inspection work, it is recommended to inspect the equipment every two hours, the focus is to check each component of the furnace body, as well as each valve, there is no leakage, air leakage and oil leakage; Check the pressure of the inlet and outlet of the aluminum rod heating furnace, as well as its temperature, is not completely in the normal range, and make the corresponding record of it, once the problem is found, it must be processed and solved immediately.

2. The second is the preparation of the aluminum rod heating furnace when the furnace is stopped and the furnace is poured. Before the furnace is stopped, the operator must be informed in advance. When pouring the furnace, the furnace should also be completed in accordance with the relevant regulations and in accordance with the required order to avoid unnecessary failures.

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