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On Line Quenching System
  • On Line Quenching SystemOn Line Quenching System

On Line Quenching System

Choose Foshan Nanhai Yanming Thermal Energy Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. which is the manufacturer and seller of On Line Quenching System, for your aluminum processing needs and experience the difference that cutting-edge technology, expert craftsmanship, and unwavering commitment to customer service can make. On Line Quenching System is one of Yanming’s hot selling productions.

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Product Description

In the aluminum extrusion process, the On Line Quenching System plays a critical role by rapidly cooling extruded profiles to enhance their mechanical properties. As aluminum emerges from the extrusion press, it's still hot and malleable. The On Line Quenching System swiftly lowers the temperature, using either water or air, which solidifies the aluminum into its final, strong form, ensuring the profiles meet precise specifications.

Yanming On Line Quenching System Parameter (Specification)

Specification of extrusion press cast rod

Diameter 178-228mm

The maximum width of the profile


The maximum height of the profile


The height of handling table

About 800mm

Size of water tank

L6000mm x W1000mm

Overall size of bellows

Upper bellows:L5600 x W660mm

Lower bellows: L5680 x W390mm

Maximum cross-sectional area of effective cooling profile

W320 x H250mm

Maximum operating power


Effective air cooling


Effective water cooling


Yanming On Line Quenching System Feature And Application

Our On Line Quenching System offers unmatched precision in cooling, featuring adjustable flow rates and temperature controls to cater to various aluminum alloys. It's designed for seamless integration with existing extrusion lines, enhancing efficiency and product quality. Ideal for automotive, construction, and aerospace industries, this On Line Quenching System ensures the production of high-strength, durable aluminum profiles, meeting stringent industry standards for performance and reliability.

Yanming On Line Quenching System Details

Our cutting-edge On Line Quenching System is designed specifically for the aluminum extrusion process, featuring a modular design that allows for easy customization and scalability. It incorporates advanced sensors and control technology to ensure precise cooling rates, crucial for achieving optimal mechanical properties in extruded aluminum profiles. With the ability to integrate into any extrusion line, this On Line Quenching System offers a perfect balance between performance and adaptability, making it ideal for manufacturers of all sizes.

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