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Principle, application and operation of die heating furnace.


As an indispensable equipment in modern industry, the mold heating furnace is widely used in the mold heating and preheating treatment of plastics, rubber, glass and other materials. Its efficient heating performance, energy-saving characteristics and temperature uniformity make the mold heating furnace play an important role in industrial production.

1. Working principle of mold heating furnace

The mold heating furnace mainly generates heat energy through heating elements, and then transfers heat energy to the mold to achieve rapid heating of the mold. The heating element usually uses infrared heating tubes or ceramic heating elements, which can efficiently convert electrical energy into heat energy and produce infrared radiation. Infrared radiation has a strong penetration ability, can directly act on the surface of the mold, so that the mold inside the rapid temperature. The surface material of the mold has a strong absorption ability of infrared radiation, and the heat energy will be quickly transmitted from the surface of the mold to the inside, so as to achieve uniform heating of the entire mold.

In addition, the mold heating furnace is usually equipped with a temperature control and regulation system, which can adjust the heating power according to the production demand, so as to achieve accurate control of the mold temperature. This control system can effectively avoid the adverse effects of too high or too low temperature on the mold material, and ensure the service life of the mold and product quality.

2. Application of mold heating furnace

Die heating furnaces are widely used in various industrial fields, especially in the production of plastics, rubber, glass and other materials. In these industries, the mold heating furnace can quickly increase the mold temperature to ensure the quality and efficiency of the product molding process. At the same time, the energy-saving characteristics of the mold heating furnace also reduce the production cost for the enterprise and improve the economic benefit.

In addition, die heating furnaces are also widely used in metal processing industries such as aluminum extrusion. Compared with the traditional resistance heating furnace, the mold electromagnetic heating furnace has higher heating speed and temperature uniformity, which can effectively solve the problems of uneven force and easy crack in the extrusion process of the mold.

3. Key points of operation of mold heating furnace

Before switching on the power supply, check whether the relevant electrical parts are well connected to ensure the safety of the equipment. At the same time, remind the personnel near the heating furnace to pay attention to ensure that a safe distance is maintained during operation.

According to the operating procedures, turn on the mold furnace switch, and observe whether the indicator light is on. Then, according to the instructions of the mold in and out button, move the mold tray to the specified position, put the mold to be heated, and ensure that the mold is placed in place.

Set the desired furnace temperature and activate the heating switch. During the heating process, we should pay close attention to the changes in the temperature in the furnace, and check whether there are abnormal conditions in each part of the equipment. If you find smoke, electrical short circuit and other phenomena, you should immediately cut off the power supply, and find out the cause, and continue to use until the fault is removed.

When the furnace temperature reaches the set value, the heat preservation treatment is carried out according to the heat preservation time specified in the production process regulations. After the end of heat preservation, open the furnace door to take out the mold, and check whether its surface temperature is within the range of process requirements. If the temperature is suitable, it can be extruded.

4.mold heating furnace maintenance and maintenance

In order to ensure the long-term stable operation of the mold heating furnace, the equipment should be regularly maintained and maintained. This includes checking whether the instruments and switches are in good condition and whether the relevant grounding wires are firm and reliable; Check the operation of the furnace door up and down, as well as the wear and lubrication of the pulley wire. At the same time, the discovered problems should be handled in time to prevent equipment faults from affecting the production schedule.

In short, the mold heating furnace as an important equipment in modern industrial production, its high efficiency, energy saving, uniform temperature characteristics for the enterprise has brought significant economic benefits. By understanding the working principle, application and operation points of the mold heating furnace, we can make better use of this equipment and improve production efficiency and product quality.

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